Hi! My name is Julia & I live in Gallatin, TN (just on the outskirts of Nashville) with my 2 sweet babies Lennon & Myles (see where the name comes from). I am honored to be able to serve those in my community and world with LEMY’S. I am a private chef & caterer. I am passionate about the love language that is food. I grew up in a family that LOVES to cook and watching the generations of women who loved through food and hospitality has inspired me and created the culture of my home personally. The power food has from gathering loved ones around a table, baking for the holidays, blessing someone who is sick or has a newborn with a freezer meal, the nostalgia from certain meals, etc etc. Food is a powerful thing that can bring so much joy. This business has brought me personally so much joy as it was born out of the hardest season of my life. When trying to figure out a name, my mom suggested LEMY’S, a mixture of my kids names and I loved it immediately. Not only because of the namesake, but because when you hear it you likely think of lemons. LEMY’S is my lemonade out of lemons. So I hope you find something sweet here with us too!



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