LOCALS ONLY brings LEMY’S straight into your kitchen & is here to make your life so much easier.

LOCALS ONLY is the brain child of a busy mama & private chef (me, I am that person). I know the reality is that not everyone can afford a private chef but gosh wouldn't we love it if we could?! My hope is these meals help you elevate every meal and enable you to enjoy every moment. With Locals Only, it's as easy as reheating a meal & getting it on the table. Designed with YOU in mind - the busy family, parents in need of a break, meal preppers, or the thoughtful gift givers. We are bringing the goods, LEMY'S GOODS, to your table.

Pre orders will close the Sunday at 7pm before Thursday’s pickup. You can select from 2 convenient locations in Gallatin & Hendersonville to grab your goods!

Gammons Market 2-7pm Pickup

Whitaker Farms 3:30-5:00pm Pickup