Southwest Cobb Salad

Southwest Cobb Salad


This salad is not only freaking amazing, it is MAN APPROVED. Ha! My husband is not the biggest “salad” type guy but he ate MULTIPLE bowls of this. The secret to this salad is charred corn. I have found the trick to charring corn is draining a can of canned corn, placing on a baking sheet, putting a bit of oil on it & broiling it until dark. It is a major life hack as roasted corn is amazing on so many things.

Southwest Cobb Salad


1/2 cup ranch

1/2 cup bbq sauce

Hot sauce

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped


6-8 strips of bacon

1-2 heads of romaine, chopped

1 can corn, drained & broiled

1 avocado

1 cup pico de gallo

1 cup sharp cheddar cheese


Firstly, mix all dressing ingredients together (dashes of hot sauce to your preference on heat) & set aside in fridge to cool. I like to bake my bacon in the oven, but cook yours however you prefer! I also like to char my corn in the oven under the broiler. See my note above about that. To make the salad, assemble all ingredients together & drizzle sauce over top! Enjoy!

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